hello darkness, my oldest friend
I cannot even list my fandoms anymore.
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No seventeen year old should want to get drunk just to become numb.


"omg you’re just blogging for attention"

and you’re blogging??? for gold? Women? Immortality?

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Men Stop Threatening To Kill Your Daughters Boyfriends To Prove Your Masculinity and Show That Your Daughter Is Your Property 2k14

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when you’ve been with the same guy for 4 years


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i don’t understand why you’re so upset. sure she broke up with you but she’s going to die someday. you’re going to die someday. you could even be murdered, and since most murder victims are attacked by people they know it could be me. i could murder you. i could kill you dude. right here. right now. i could squeeze the life out of you with my bare hands and you’re worried about a fucking breakup

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Uh not to mention Bruno Mars literally has a song about how much he wants to MURDER one of his exgirlfriends, but you’re right, Taylor’s feelings are tErRifYiNg

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i know being mentally ill (or otherwise disabled, but i’m speaking only from personal experience here) can make you feel like a really high-maintenance partner, and i know it can feel like you’re repetitive or self-absorbed or demanding or whatever, but i just wanna say: you…

That time Ron was jealous over a giant.

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If I let you in, you’ll just want out.
Me:ain't nobody tell you to do that tho


i couldn’t care less if kids in school like me, as long as I have a connection with staff then im good

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guys: fight each other all the time

girls: support each other and share hand cream

Lol no. Girls are bitches to each other more often than not. If it isn’t to your face it’s behind your back.

maybe they are mean to you only. everybody in my group is supportive and we share hand cream.

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